Why does taking public transit in florida carry the same stigma as paying with foodstamps or being poor?

I’m one of those people who takes the Bus by CHOICE! I’m a 20 yr old guy who lives in a small town in florida and I don’t mind taking the bus. I’m well-educated (I’m in my 2nd yr of college) and ENJOY learning, I’m not a drunk- I just never bothered to get my Driver’s license.

When I was in 11th grade (17 at the time) my aunt offered me the option of taking My grandmother’s old car which had a LOT of miles on it and a few problems, it was pretty beat up but it still head leather seats and it was a buick. The catch was; she said I would need to get a job if I wanted it in order to make the repairs and afford the insurance on my own.

So what did I do? Nothing. I didn’t really have the drive to want the car. I didn’t see anything wrong with walking home from high school everyday.

To this day, I still take the bus everyday to college and back home and have gotten a few EYE stares here and there…One girl said “You seriously take the bus?” I think this is due to the fact that I dress in nice rich clothes, not commonly associated with people taking the bus.

The only thing that really annoys me about the bus is the people who inhabit it. A lot of drunks, and quite frankly dumb people- DURR DUHHH look at me with all these kids I can barely afford and I’m in my early 20s. DURR DUHH then the lowlife takes some ciggs out of their purse.

But I just deal with; nothing is perfect in life. It’s cheap economical and a great way to get exercise! =D

I only have to deal with being on the bus for 10 minutes since I dont live that far from my college so that’s a plus… although the wait for the bus stop can sometimes be 15 minutes long!!! both ways! (to college and waiting for it to arrive at the college so i can go back home
Oh don’t get me wrong not everyone on the bus is a low life and everyone will have their own definition to whom to apply the term too- I just generally think that if one’s life revolves around popping children, cigs and booze than that is a low life. There are low lives who drive cars too. They are not just exclusive to public transportation.

There are some okay people on the bus; it just bothers me that after 2-3 yrs of riding public transit, i’ve never found anyone on the bus that i can really relate too.

6 thoughts on “Why does taking public transit in florida carry the same stigma as paying with foodstamps or being poor?

  1. “Why do people judge others who ride on the bus?”

    “Man people who ride on this bus are stupid!”


  2. I was in total agreement with you, until you made the mistake of being hypocritical.

    You do not want to be stereotyped, however, you pass judgment on the other transit users.

    EDIT: I wasn’t going to go here, however, everyone has the right to form an opinion of others, no matter how skewed one might view that perception. All I am going too add is this; I have a son who is a few years older than you, and very thankful he is not quick to judge others by their socioeconomic status, or intolerant of those regarding their life choices. He too uses mass transit, but knowing my son, I am certain he is looking at others with empathy, and not self righteous superiority.

  3. Here is my views.
    This is a silly question. Enjoy the fact you are able to cope without using the biggest financial drain in your lifetime, that being vehicle ownership. Only way to do better is to commute on a bicycle.
    The so called stigma will go away if we see gasoline prices over $ 5 a gallon. Then riding on a bus will become a bargain.
    I wish I could ride a bus or ride a bicycle to work. Bus starts running at 7 AM, the same time I start my work day. My place of employment is in a terrible city. Frankly would be too worried about being hit or robbed. So I drive or ride my motorcycle.

  4. There is nothing wrong with taking public transit. I seen people like nurses, security guards, even college and university professors who take the bus.

  5. Brittany Bessette says:

    I’ve taken the bus here in So-Fla to go to college and get around for years and there really doesn’t seem to be any stigma. People just seem to pity me for having to wait out in the sun and because of the general inconvenience of public transport. Though, even if you don’t have a car or need one, I would suggest getting your drivers license. You never know when you may need on in an emergency or for a job.

  6. Maybe this is because I’m from NYC where it is very common to take mass transit, but there’s nothing wrong with taking a bus. It’s greener than driving, less stressful than driving. If you feel safe on the bus, ride the bus, and decide that you don’t care what other people think.

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