We just opened up escrow, should I give my landlord notice?

Opened just today. Everything has been ready to go because we got a verbal ok a few weeks ago, we just were waiting for written. Inspections and bank appraisal done. We are supposed to close within 14 days because my husband is going on deployment a month from today. Is it safe for me to give my landlord notice? I just don’t want to end up paying a mortgage and the other half of my rent.
If worse comes to worse, I can move to my parents house. We did a VA loan, everything is approved no problems at all, my agent is also doing our loan…just need some ideas. Thanks!


  • “If worse comes to worse, I can move to my parents house.”

    With such a safety net I say notify. Without it, I say don’t, even if you may double-pay for a month.

  • Depends if you are on a lease, what you owe.
    Month to month is a 30 day notice in most states.
    If you are breaking a lease, good-luck.
    A smart person would have let there landlord know months ago.
    That way it is no shock and they might have worked with you with a heads up.
    Now you walk in and say surprise!

  • If you are on a month to month lease, if you give notice on Wed, 9/17, you will STILL owe for full month of October.

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