Went on a little spree today…All Approved (Chase, Wells Fargo)

QuestionsWent on a little spree today…All Approved (Chase, Wells Fargo)
asked 3 years ago

Well I caught myself going on a spree today…. but luckily I was approved for all three!!! Was sitting at $ 4,500 in CL’s spread out over 7 cards (Amex Green, SCT cards, QS1), plus another $ 50,000 CL on authorized cards. Utilization was around 25%. Experian score was at 670 with 5 inquiries when I went on spree. Was approved for following:


Wells Fargo Rewards Visa – $ 4K (0% APR for 15 months, 16% after) great rewards for first 6 months on gas and groceries.

Chase Slate – $ 2.2K (0% for 15 months, 16% after)

Chase Southwest Premier – $ 2.5K (16% APR, 50,000 points offer with $ 2K purchase in 3 months)


Not bad for me since I just started rebuilding back in April when my scored were around 580 across the board with zero credit limits and 4 CA’s on my reports (all but 1 removed after paying in full). Cleaned up my act and started rebuilding hard. Glad I’m able to finally get in with a decent bank (Chase), besides the AMEX I got last month. Gonna’ be in the garden for a while now!


Thanks for all the help on this board. Couldn’t have done it without this place!



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