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QuestionsVW Credit Reporting Monthly Payment
asked 3 years ago

I turned in an Audi (VW Credit) a couple years ago and had a $ 14k balance from mileage overage and wear & tear. The actual monthly payments were all paid, however the tradeline is still reporting as open with the $ 14k balance and the $ 450 monthly payment. I am having a problem closing on my mortgage because of this even though I am not making $ 450 monthly payments on this balance. Frankly, I could be making $ 25 monthly payments but the way it is reporting is causing me a problem. I am going to call VW Credit in the morning but was wondering if any had any experience with this or suggestions. I am going to try to request a letter saying the car was paid and there are no set monthly payments (in fact, it may have gone to collections but VW Credit is still reporting). I basically want a letter saying that there is no monthly payment due, and once I close on my house, I can set up some sort of payment plan with them. Do you think this will work? Please advise.

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