verizon wireless collection that’s not valid. please help?

Questionsverizon wireless collection that’s not valid. please help?
asked 3 years ago

About 4-5 months ago I decided I wanted to start service with Verizon so I went online and ordered a phone. A few hours later I decided I wanted to keep my current wireless provider so I called Verizon and told them i no longer wanted the device. The order had already shipped but they stopped shipment when it arrived at it’s 2nd location so the device never actually made it to me. Ok so i figured everything was all good since the rep said I was all set and it was cancelled. Well, about 3 weeks later I received a bill for a phone i never even received…Ok, no big deal so i called and spoke to someone and they could see the phone was never delivered to me and also no usage on the account so he said he cancelled everything and I have nothing to worry about.


Well, last week a Verizon collection popped up on my report for a balance of $ 200. My score dropped quite a bit due to this. I’m still very calm about everything and thinking, ok this must just be a mix up. Anyway, I send an e-mail to the CEO address and I receive a call about 30 minutes later. He looks up the account and sees that the phone was returned back to their warehouse and I should have never been liable for this debt. I told him I wanted it removed immediately (just as I stated in the e-mail i sent) from my credit reports and he agreed that’s what needed to be done since I shoudl have never been liable for this. He put me on hold and came back and said he forwarded it to someone to take care of it and they will have it removed and also a letter will be mailed to me showing it’s not my debt or whatever.


Woke up yesterday and Verizon updated the collection to “PAID” with a 0$ balance. They can’t do that can they?? doesn’t the entire trade-line have to be removed?? seeing as they know and agreed I should have never been billed in the first place, let alone sent to collections. I guess I wouldn’t care since it has no balance but from reading these forums…a paid collection is just as bad as an unpaid collection as far as your FICO, correct?


What can I do to have this removed completely? I haven’t contacted VZW yet. Should I contact them again and if no luck, file a complaint with the BBB / CFPB?




You guys rock!!!! Thanks in advance.



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