Totally New to this and would like some help / direction.

QuestionsTotally New to this and would like some help / direction.
al2um0libb asked 4 years ago

New here =, been reading a lot but still lost as to how to get al this rolling,   Have gotten a Secured credit card from Capital One and use it and pay the balance off Often, Only have aout 14k in Debt (student Loan) some derogatory remarks on report and i think 2 or 3 collection accounts (old cell phone billl)    I am making the effort to pay off the collections, my loan is ontime with payments.  I make about 1700 a month with work depending on hours, I have Very low bills, my car is paid for, only have a cell phone bill, power, internet, and car insurance to pay.  


I want to build up my score to secure a low apr on a newer car. and then just continue to build the score , and secure a few good credit cards and bild the limit.   I dont buy many things or splurge on stuff.   dont plan on buying a house.    Help?

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