Synchrony Block – What if I want to send them 4506-T?

QuestionsSynchrony Block – What if I want to send them 4506-T?
asked 3 years ago

So I tried making a purchase this morning on Amazon with my store card, and it was getting denied, so long story short, I got hit with Synchrony blocking all my accounts. I did further research and found that this has been happening to a lot of people.


Marvel – 10K

CareCredit – 11K

Amazon – 10K


I only have about a 25% usage in total (between Marvel and Amazon), that I can probably pay off in two months. 


However, I kind of need the CareCredit card because I want to use it for the veterinarian.


Has anyone sent the tax form that they are sending to people?  I know the big issue is LexisNexis getting your information, however I kind of don’t care because I am only 21 years old and my credit age is only 3 years old max haha. 

Can they close your accounts if they see a disparity? My income that I stated on those credit applications will probably be not be what is on my tax papers, even less so if they see the 2014 papers. 


Someone posted this in another thread:

Isn’t that a smart thing to send to them once I send the form to Synchrony? Anyone ever sent this?



I do plan to send them that signed letter once they send the blue envelope.


I will certainly not use my Marvel or Amazon after they are paid off



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