Successful Delete of Paid Collection Account :-)

QuestionsSuccessful Delete of Paid Collection Account :-)
asked 2 years ago

Hi All – I took the advice from these boards and contacted the Executive Office at Diversified Consultants for an account – the only negative account – still showing on my CR from 2014.  It was an AT&T wireless account for $ 820 that I paid in full and it was closed.  I emailed them  asked for goodwill in deleting the account, and within a half hour of hitting send, I got a response back with a second person  CC’ed saying they were happy to help, and directed the other person to delete the account with the CB and send me confirmation.  I received an email confirmation that the delete was successful.  Sometimes it just doesn’t hurt to ask 🙂 and thanks to everyone on these boards for sharing their stories and information.

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