Sent a DV letter, now debt has been removed? Is that okay?

QuestionsSent a DV letter, now debt has been removed? Is that okay?
asked 2 years ago

Hi Everyone!


So I did research on DV letters and sent a letter to an agency with the certified mail and saw it was received 2 weeks ago… I havent heard anything back yet but I logged into my CreditKarma account and saw that the same agency had just removed my account from EQuifax. Is that okay? I wasn’t expecting it to happen and haven’t read anyone else having it happen. I honestly was expecting to pay this debt because I was sure I had paid it off before but couldn’t find any receipts and thought maybe I didn’t pay it off? That’s why I sent the letter. should I see I ask if it’ll be removed from the Experian and Transunion? I really don’t know what to do about it? I’m happy it’s off but can they came after me another way?



Thanks  for any help you can provide! 


This is the letter I sent:


 To Whom It May Concern,

I checked a copy of my credit report and realized there was a collection reported from your agency. I was not aware of the debt and I was not notified of the debt. I am not refusing to pay this debt I am requesting a validation of this debt and proof that I owe it. Per Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Section 809.

I am also requesting that you stop all collection activated including reporting this information on my credit report.

With regards,







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