pay for delete on medical collections

Questionspay for delete on medical collections
asked 3 years ago

ok got 3 more medical collections that need to come off please help,first one is newest its 264.00 they didnt bill my other insurance which would pay it,called insurance and they said they would pay it but its still pending OC says usally takes 30-45 days 45 days is dec 10th hope it comes off date is 2015……………..i called original creditor just to ask if insurance doesnt pay will they pull it and let me pay,they said no,called collections they said they will delete when paid but wont send letter first which isnt good…………..second one is 752.00 original creditor wont do pay for delete and neither will collections,its about 3 years old……………………3rd is 260.00 on EQ,,,,,,, TU n EX show zero balance neither creditor or collection will do pay for delete,ive disputed all 3,validated all 3,wrote pay for delete 2 times,so now what.these are my last deratory marks i think

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