Nfcu navcheck approved for 15k!!!!

QuestionsNfcu navcheck approved for 15k!!!!
asked 3 years ago

I just got my approval email for my navcheck and I called and was approved for the full amount. I did ask for the full 15k and got it. The interest rate is 17.9 but I don’t mind lol. I’m so excited right now. I originally applied to refinance my car but was denied so I asked if I applied for navcheck would it be the same hard pull and they said yes so I said lets go for it and got it. Can’t believe I got it yah!!!!! My interest rate on my car loan right now is 20% should I just use this new credit line and pay it off or should I try to refinance else where for a lower rate. I know I would be paying 17.9 interest rate but it’s better then 20 and I would have my car title free and clear.

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