New to the board and need some guidance

QuestionsNew to the board and need some guidance
asked 3 years ago

Good Morning Everyone,

I am a forum newbie and feel a bit overwhelmed and lost.  There is sooooo much good information however I cannot locate a beginners thread.  We are finally at a place in our life where we can now focus on rebuilding our credit to purchase a home within the next 2 years (hopefully).  I was wondering if there was a beginners thread like; “So you’re finally ready to fix and build your credit and don’t know where to start” type of thread.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Just a bit of my background; I’ve made some really dumb mistakes when I was younger and have quite a few collection accounts that are sitting on my credit reports and our loan officer said my Fico score was a 603 however I tried applying for a credit card recently and took me down 40 points so that was a huge bummer.  He wanted me to only take caer of one big collection account to get approved for a home loan however I would rather take the time to DEEP CLEAN my credit report and than try for a home loan so we are given a better interest rate when we go to buy. Thank you for taking the time to ready my thread!

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