Need Advice on my 30k of CC debt

QuestionsNeed Advice on my 30k of CC debt
asked 3 years ago



 I am hoping to get some advice on what steps I should take to reduce my debt. I just calculated all my CC and its 30k. Whew- this is very overwhelming. I have been making payments every month but clearly getting NO WHERE. 


 I make roughly 50k a year and pay for my daughter’s tuition of 1100 a month, 800 ( rent), 400 (car).  During the spring-fall months I do make extra money in freelance work.


I am newely engaged and my fianace does know about my debt. We are hoping to buy a house together next year (we don’t currently reside together) and we are planning on getting married in 2017. 


I applied for a debt consolidation load through Navy Fed and not approved due to my high debt to income ratio. I am just not sure what the best plan of attack is- I am left with not much every month to pay my debt down. 


Thank you. 



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