Is quitclaim deed a CAIVRS start date?

QuestionsIs quitclaim deed a CAIVRS start date?
Betsy Morell asked 4 years ago

My SS# is in CAIVRS for an FHA loan I foreclosed on in 2013. When I spoke to the woman at CAIVRS I was told that the 3 year waiting period would be up in June 2018. So I did some research and this is what I found:

1. In July 2013 a quitclaim deed was signed giving HUD the property (from both me and the bank).
2. The quitclaim deed was not processed at my county’s registry of deeds until 2 years later in June 2015.

My question is, should CAIVRS be using the date the quitclaim deed was signed as a start date? Or does the start begin when it was filed with the county, two years after being signed?

Thank you!

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