Im Dealing with the OC (Dish Network) instead of 3rd Party (AFNI)…

QuestionsIm Dealing with the OC (Dish Network) instead of 3rd Party (AFNI)…
Ritchie asked 1 year ago

the original link i started for this issue is here..


Original Debt $ 187

Original Creditor – Dish Network

3rd Party Afni


I wanted to start a new thread becasue I decided to deal with Dish instead of Afni and was hoping for some insight from the wise. 


So i called Afni today and was originally going to pay the Debt in Full. But i decided I wanted to dig deeper instead. I asked alot of question about who owns the debt and if they were a 3rd party and if i could just deal with dish instead, etc etc..


The lady i spoke with was actually really nice and said that Dish still owns the original account and if the equipment was returned the Early ATermination fee wouild only be ~$ 25, she asked if i wanted to be transfered Dish, i kindly oblidged.


So I connected with a  CSR for Dish (another extremly nice guy), and told me what I still owed and that they are willing to take back the equipment and wave all but the Early Term fee (25 dollars) upom recieving the equipment. I asked him if they would stop reporting to Afni and if they would pull my account from Afni.


He said ” Yes, we will pull your account from Afni and you no longer will be affiliated with them nor will you have to deal with them anymore.”


I also asked about my credit report and the derogotory mark. 


He Replied “It will be removed from your credit reports” 


and thats it. I paid the 25 bucks and am now waiting for the box to return the equipment.


My question though. 


was it better to deal with the Original Creditor? (in this case Dish Network?)

will it really be removed from my Reports since the account will be pulled from Afni?

and do I really no longer need to worry about GW letters since Afni will no longer be handling this debt?

aannnnddd is my account really going to be gone from Afni? (Acct # and all?)


I just wanted some insight from people that have dealt with OCs instead of 3rd parry collectors. Im unsure if the account will really be pulled from my reports since the name “AFNI” is on my reports and not “DISH Network”. 


Thank you!!