How can I find who holds my Citi student loan (CitiAssist)?

QuestionsHow can I find who holds my Citi student loan (CitiAssist)?
asked 2 years ago

I defaulted on Citi student loan (63k) about 3 years ago due to unforeseen circumstances. Since I’ve been out of the country, I haven’t received any notice or even an email regarding the default from Citi or from any collection agency. Although I decided to clear the debt off now, it’s been impossible to find where the loan is now.


I called the Citi student loan call center number (800-289-6229, 888-794-0014) which was on my credit report but the answering machine said “We are no longer in the student loan business”


I was able to pull up only one credit report (I failed to do so with two other reports though, probably due to the outdated information as I’m not in the US anymore) and the report has one collection angecy’s name (LTD FInancial) as a firm who inquired on my report in 2015. I contacted them and they said they cannot find any information with my SSN and birth date. I talked to Discover and Sallie Mae as I read that Citi sold their student loan portfolio to these guys but they coudn’t find any information about my loan. My report says the loan is in the collection stage and that “payment deferred until June 2017”. I don’t even know what that means. 


I can and want to pay it off since my situation changed but who holds the loan??


Anybody who’s in the same situation as mine?

Once I find the current creditor and make a full repayment, would they delete the history? (pay for delete) Should I hire a legal counsel? 


I’m totally confused and at a loss. Please help me…




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