GW letter to National Credit Systems…REMOVED paid CO! They have a heart?!?

QuestionsGW letter to National Credit Systems…REMOVED paid CO! They have a heart?!?
asked 2 years ago

Im a 2 year lurker and this is the first topic ive created ever..

Little History:

– Scores were all around 500 – 520
– Around 20 negatives spanning between all 3 CRAs
– Student Debt of 5,000 ( super low I know lol)
– 2nd Chance Bank Account
– Started a small biz

– Got a full time job
– Began reading Myfico
– Disupted all of the negatives and began seeing a few fall
– Finally got regular Check/Savings account
– Got a secured card through my credit union

– Keep disputing and woke up one day in May and about 11 negitives fell off in a day, some years ealry and some that were past due to fall
– Approved for Cap1 Quickone and Walmart Store Card
– Scores finally Cracked 600 – 620 across all 3 CRAS

– Had 4 baddies left and through post here, got all but 1 (Nat’Credit Sys) removed through BBB letters
– Credit cracks 680 on all 3 CRAs
– Got denied an apt in April due to a 150.00 PAID collection that was from 2011 (National Credit Systems) . ( They charged me a 150.00 clean up fee which I didint know about until 2013. I called and paid Naitonal Credit System it to get another apt not knowing that I cloud have just paid the apts..smh) 

– The NCS is dude to fall off in 2018 

So for the last year, Id been trying to get that NCS removed…called at least once every 2 months. Would get directed to the SAME PERSON who’d shut me down lol. 

Now, I’ve had 3 apts since the 2011 incident and had no problems getting approved at all ( I make 60+ a years in the South ). But the last apts i tried to move to declined me due the the NCS! ( pulled my specialty CR from LeaseDesk, found out each apt has a different criteria..theres says you can NEVER have had any collections from a previous apt…go figure) 


So I go to the orginal apts. They have completely new management, BUT, was willing to write me a letter saying that it wasnt due to rent but due to the clean up. I then wrote a letter myself, letting NCS know that this was stopping me from getting a new place ( which i desperatley needed for my kids as I am a single Dad.) I faxed both letters along with a letter from the apts that denied me that stated that i was denied due to the NCS reporting.


I call to check and see if they recieved the letter…they sent me to the SAME PERSON they always due who told me that she didnt know but even if they did get it, they wouldnt remove it


At this point im like “screw it”. Renewed my old lease and said ill just wait until 2018.


I had disputed with all 3 CRAs to see if I could get it removed and faxed them the same stuff…


I recieved denail letters from each one last week saying its vaild until 2018…but then a few days later i get an alert from Credit Karma…


NCS had fallen off of all 3!!!!


Score jumped about 10 points on Trans and Eq! No change on Experian Smiley Sad


So im pretty sure it was due to the letter sent to NCS!


Just goes to show that you shoud never give up! 



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