GW adj. made to 1 bureau, ask for other 2?

QuestionsGW adj. made to 1 bureau, ask for other 2?
asked 3 years ago

Hey all.  If you have some goodwill success but they only report the adjustment to 1 credit bureau, is it a bad idea or an acceptable one to write them and ask for them to report it to the other 2?  I’m not sure if it would be considered “pushing your luck” and could be looked at negatively by the creditor, or perhaps they meant to report the adjustment to all 3 but only did 1.  I figured I could write them and first thank them for making the adjustment to the one bureau, then ask if they would mind reporting the same adjusted information to the other two.  I guess my fear would be them thinking I’m asking too much and switching back the original reported baddies.  Your thoughts anyone?

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