Goodwill Backfired

QuestionsGoodwill Backfired
asked 4 years ago

I recently sent Chase a goodwill letter for a charge off account. Yesterday evening, I got a call from them. They informed me they don’t do goodwill adjustments. We all know this isn’t true, as people here and a couple of my friends have successfully goodwill with Chase. Anyway, while on the phone, I was told they have to report correctly and they noticed that my account was missing payment history and wasn’t reporting to Experian as a derogatory account (which I had no clue.) He advised me he submitted a request to add those late payments and to be sure it reported on my Experian credit report as derogatory. What a complete turn of events, I should have never tried the goodwill in the first place. I did so on whim when I saw the success of others. So disappointed. Can’t wait to see how many points my credit will drop.Smiley Sad

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