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asked 4 years ago

I have had a pretty good 2 weeks fixing my credit and today I got a lousy response from a GW letter I sent to chase. Had a charge off sometime ago and since I’m in the process of buying a home I figured why not try to send them a GW letter and get it removed. I sent an email to the EO office and today I get an email to call them to discuss the matter. 


I call and get the usual we don’t delete response but it goes further. The rep then says that they did investigate the account and found inaccuracies in the reporting. She then proceed to tell me that I had a few more lates than were being reported and that to one of the CRA it was not reported as a CO. She then gave the “we must report the information to the credit bureaus”.  I told her you got to to be kidding me. I send you a honest and polite request and you in turn want to do more damage instead! Politely of course…I tried everything I could to get her not to update the reporting but no luck.


Now the last reported date will be recent previous being 5/10. What type of hit is this going to cause to my credit score?

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