QuestionsFDCPA ?
asked 3 years ago

Hi all,


Hopefully someone can answer this for me and a big thank you in advance!


A collection agency sent a bill/letter to me at my Mom’s address, where I have never lived or ever received mail.


I am at the same address I’ve had for about 12 years and where I had service for the original debt I incurred (satellite TV).


I have the same phone number as well…


The collection agency never contacted me at my home or by phone but for some reason sent a letter/bill in my name to my Mom’s address.


She had opened it and forgot about it for quite some time. 


Long story short…did they violate the FDCPA by sending this to me at her address for no known reason?


I have paid the bill in question to the satellite co. but they (collection agency) reported negative information on my credit reports.


Thanks again for any input!!

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