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asked 2 years ago

Hi all!


I have finally decided to try again to get the Student Loan from 1996 that I defaulted on twice (after rehab) and eventually paid off removed from my credit reports.  Round 1 was an epic failure.  Round 2 seems slightly more promising. 


After reading about ECSI on here and other message boards I found that it’s best to go through the actual school where the loan (Perkins) was granted.  I contact the college and asked them to remove the account.  She didn’t seem to know how to have that done and referred me to customer support at ECSI.  I called and talked to them this morning… the representative I talked to was understanding but after talking to her supervisor she said there wasn’t anything she could do since the account was Paid in full.  I coaxed her a little more and she said they just manage the account and they can’t do anything to it without notification from the school.  Basically she said the only way they could remove it was if the school sent them a request to have eit remove.


I email my contact at the college back letting her know that ECSI will remove the account completely (and all 48 120 day late payment) if she sends them a request to do so.


Fingers crossed that I can get this done!!


Progress is slow but I feel like this will help a lot!

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