Do bank cards build better than store cards?

QuestionsDo bank cards build better than store cards?
asked 5 years ago

i went another route than most advice and got several store cards. As it stands, I have:


Walmart: $ 700 CL

Amazon: $ 700 CL

Overstock: $ 500 CL

Goodyear: $ 1k CL

Shell Gas: $ 300 CL

First Premier: $ 300 CL

Capital One QS: $ 300 CL

DCU: Auto Refi: $ 11,500

Personal Loan: $ 500


With the exception of my WalMart card, all my balances are relatively low. I needed a lawnmower, so its up to about $ 400 ($ 100 payment as soon as my check hits). 


Is there any reason for me to try for another major card, even a secured one, at this point or should I just garden with these cards/accounts? Due to the rewards, I use my QS1 as my debit card and just pay it off every few days. 


My UTI across all cards is 16%, which will be closer to 8% before the next billing cycle hits, as I’m making large payments to knock them down quickly. 



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