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QuestionsCleaning up the mess
asked 2 years ago

Hi Everyone. This is my 3rd post. This community has helped me alot so far. Thanks for that. I wanted to get some suggestions and advice. Most of the stuff gonna fall off at the end of 2019.


As of today the Myfico score are:

Eq:554 Shows 612 as of today




Collections:                                                                                    Negatives Account and opened:                                                            Autoloan: American Honda finance

Exin security all three CB:$ 2597                                                     Chase Card:$ 728 Charged-off                                                             From Repo to Charged-off $ 4293

Eastern Account System all three CB:$ 400                                  Pioneer Credit Card:$ 1108 Charged-off

Afni all three CB:$ 402                                                                       Citicard: $ 3233 Charged-off

Stellar Rec. Paid collection                                                              amex: $ 2056    Charged-off

Porfolio Rec. $ 762


Positives Accounts:

american express: AU

capital one CL: $ 2500

Capital one CL:$ 5000


What can i do here to improve my scores? thanks in advance

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