Citi Account closed ? (plz help)

QuestionsCiti Account closed ? (plz help)
asked 3 years ago

Hello everyone!


I have had a Citibank account (DC card) which was only opened since July 2015…    I was never late on the card, but i found out yester-morning that the account was closed (turns out i had two payments get returned, which i ended up paying later thru a different payment acct/method).  


Due to the returned payments, they decided to close the account..   


My question here is,  I was planning to pay the remaining balance on this account tommorow in full…   Since I was never late on the account and i seemingly was building a good (but short) credit history on this account,  do I need to look for a Pay for deletion on this account?    is there any need since the payments were always on time? should i just have this account stay on my history even though its closed?




just want to see if theres any need for PFD here.  any input?          


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