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QuestionsCharge Off Help/Advice Needed
asked 3 years ago

Hi all, 


Its been a while since i’ve posted.    As always, I’d like to thank everyone here, as this community is fully responsible for  giving me the tools and more importantly, support,  to fix my credit over the past years. 


That said, I’m trying to help a friend who is just starting their journey.    While i had many Collections, he has many Charge Offs.    I’m looking for the best guidance/education on where we should start with the Charge Offs below


Capital One –               Charge Off – $ 647

Synb/Ashley Home –  Charge Off – $ 0

Best Buy/Cbna –          Chargo Off – $ 1,559

Macy’s/Dsnb –              Charge Off – $ 592

Valley First Credit –      Charge Off – $ 281


All of these are within the last two years

None of these have paid

None of these have shown up as new collections on his credit report yet


I’m aware of going on a Goodwill Letter campaign (he is only 21, so i’m thinking we can use that as part of the letter given he is just learing about credit at his age and the importance of it)

Is there anything else we should be looking at before this?    

Should we pay before sending a Goodwill letter?

Can you do PFDs with Charge Offs?

Should we call and see if they will reinstate the accounts to get back on a payment plan?   is that possible?      


I’m just trying to figure out my next steps with the Charge Offs. 


Thanks in advance for your replies. 




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