Charge off from Toyota due to insurance company nonpayment

QuestionsCharge off from Toyota due to insurance company nonpayment
asked 2 years ago

Need some advice. In 2013 my vehicle was considered a total loss. I was never late making a payment. There was a charge off from Toyota on my credit card for 536. I never questioned it as i never got a notice about it from Toyota and was told by Geico they paid off the car. My report showed the charge off with a zero balance for all these years until recently. Just got my house sold in a short sale and I updated my credit report next thing I see is a recent reporting from Toyota stating missed payment and open account my score plummeted by 20 points. I disputed it with transunion and it remained unchanged with an addition 40 points taken away from my score. I contacted Toyota they told me I had to call another company because they had no information and it’s being handled by synergies. I called them to find out why I have this on my report I never paid Toyota late they state the insurance company left an unpaid balance that I have to pay which I was unaware of. They tried pushing me to pay and I told them I had to get back to them so I can contact Geico cause this is inaccurate. I don’t know how else to proceed. How do I get this off my report? What can I do? Wait another 3 years for it to drop off? Keep disputing it? If so how?

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