Capital One-Statement, payments, Utilization?

QuestionsCapital One-Statement, payments, Utilization?
asked 3 years ago

I just recieved my first two credit cards. Capital One QuickSilver One (0% apr for 12 mo) and Platinum. I am currently in the rebuilding stages and my main goal with these cards is to increase my FICO score. I am currently sitting in the high 500’s-low 600’s and would like to be in the 700’s across the board with in the year. I have read so many post on how to use credit cards and seen many dis agreeing post on how to use the card for utilization, CLI, etc. I understand that you want to build your CL up and keep your utilization low but in order to have the CLI you need to actually USE your card and use it frequently. I also understand the most important varible of all this is PIF every month but is it ever okay to carry over a balance on the Quicksilver One (0%apr). I am needing someone to dumb it down for me on what I need to spend on each card & when I need to pay it. I have not used either card yet. I used online chat to speak to a rep on when my statement generates and when my bill is due and for BOTH cards my statement generates on 10/19 and my bill is due 11/16. I understand this will be the same dates for each month. Can someone please advice me if it is okay spend the max CL each month (for the CLI), which date I should PIF by, and what balance should I keep reporting on each card, etc. ANY advice would be appreciated, all these post on this topic is giving me a head ache, lol. I thought it would be best to post asking advice on my particular dates Smiley Happy  Thank you in advance. 

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