Ally financial response.

QuestionsAlly financial response.
asked 4 years ago

I recieved a call this morning from them. They let me know that they cannot remove the 30 day lates (6) on one CRA (8) on the other two. These were between the years 2012 and the last being 2013. She and her boss went through the entire account to try and see if there was something they could do. I know she felt bad that she couldn’t. She said they looked at any possible loop hole to remove the lates. She made mention that they just didn’t want to get audited and it come up.
Seeing as there is no real loop hole to remove the lates is there something I could provide her to just remove the trade line? Or are these 30 day lates even worth messing with seeing as they are now over 2 years old?

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