3 thoughts on “Is there any really “FREE” help services for debt consolidation? I need help but short on cash!?

  1. Consumer Credit Counseling charges a nominal fee if you can afford it. They are run by the government and non-profit. I’d try them.

    I’ve heard bad things about private companies. Some hold on to your money for a while and so you end up with late fees in addition. Some don’t really help, but charge you a lot.

  2. nothing is “free”–those debt consolidation companies want their money, too. Better to pay off the debts yourself. Make a budget (easy) and stick to it (hard). If you have debt that charges you interest, pay the debt with the highest rate first, then the next-highest-rate bill, pay it off. Yes, it will take time, but it can be done, and then you will be so proud of yourself. It takes personal discipline, not a debt consolidation company, to get you caught up. And if you can, get a part time second job and use that money to pay your debt. Just keep telling yourself the second job is only for a short time until you are back on your feet. Good luck.

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