How smart is starting from scratch to start your own business?

I’ve worked in the corporate world for the past 15 years and recently went back to school for my law degree. I now want to quit my job and start my own law practice. I have just a couple of cases right now (including one really good one that could bring in lots of cash when/if it settles) but know I could bring in a lot more work if I devoted myself to practice full stop. I have great connections with lots of other lawyers and know a couple that would let me work out of their space. Anyway, I don’t have much cash saved and my credit is weak. I’m thinking of selling my house and my car and taking an apt. in the city where I will practice. This would cut down bills alot as well as my current 2 hour round trip commute. Has anyone done something similar- shed a lot of your assets to finance a dream? Or is it better just to repair my credit and try to get a loan? Borrowing from family or friends isn’t really a realistic option.

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