How much do owners of adult family care homes make a month?

I am looking into owning a few homes in the future and care for residents within the home. I want to own more then one, so I will hire people who do live in care for me and work at all of them at different times. I was curious to how much the average owner makes at these kind of homes, if you subtract the costs it takes to run it? So knowing both what you make before and after would be great to know? Thankss!

3 thoughts on “How much do owners of adult family care homes make a month?

  1. millions, plus what you steal from Medicare and Medicaid but you need to be licensed and approved

  2. There are far too many variables to come up with a decent answer. Your income would be dependent on your portion of ownership, the benefits you purchase for your employees, how much you charge and, of course, how much does land cost in the area where you plan to set up this business?

  3. You can make very good money if you are savvy, smart and ethical. Of course there are the typical licensing concerns, insurance, and such to get started. But once you are established, this can be a lucrative venture. What you make is dependant upon you and your business skills.

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