What should be my next step in getting this situation resolved?

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      My fence was damaged in a hit and run accident back in March. The police were called and a police report was completed. Luckily they were able to locate the vehicle (which was impounded) and eventually arrest the driver. The driver bonded out later that same day. I tried to file a claim with my home insurance but that was a 1000.00 deductible (the estimate on the damage alone was only 1125.00). I was advised to go after the driver’s insurance. I contacted the insurance company listed on the police report (policy number and vin number provided). They clarified that yes the vehicle was covered but the person listed as the driver and the person listed as the owner were not linked to the policy. Nevertheless, I was assigned to a claims adjuster. I provided him with all of the information he needed (pictures, police report and estimate). It seemed like though everytime I questioned him on a follow up… I seemed to be getting the run around. The first time, he informed me that had not received the pictures.. .when I told him they were provided and the date… he suddenly found them. When asked again on the status….he then stated he needed a detailed line by line cost for the estimate. I provided this to him as well. It always seemed I would only get a response from him whenever I informed I may have to take “other avenues” in getting it resolved. I asked him once again last week (June 6th) what the status was. No response. When I inquired again on June 12th (with a little more force behind it), he responded stating he had not heard from his insured person nor the driver and that the policy is now pending. I responded back that enough was enough. This claim has been going on for way too long and I most definitely was going to seek other avenues. Well, this time , (June 13th), he calls. He calls to inform me that after doing research, it was brought to his attention by his supervisor that the vin numbers didn’t matched. They did have the same car insured but it was a different vin number therefore they were not going to pursue the claim. I informed him that the vin and policy number matched when I first made the claim. He stated well maybe our insured person was the passenger and gave them the information because evidentally the vehicle was not insured. He researched and found the vehicle (with the now supposedly vin number that isn’t theirs) to be insured by another insurance company and it looks like it became insured 4 days after the accident. When I mentioned to him well when I first made the claim, the policy number and the vin number listed on the police report was correct and matched (though the driver and the owner didn’t). He just basically blew that off saying it was a simple mistake on their part. So what should be my next step? Do I have any type of case here? Do I go after the driver/person listed as the owner on the police report? The insured listed on the policy on the police report? Do I have a case against the insurance company? I just want my fence repaired. If the driver would have stopped and offered to have it repaired, that would have been great. Even if the driver steps up now… would be great (question is…where is the driver? Where is the owner?

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