What is the best way to repair a bad credit score and bankrupt?

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    My fiance and I are working on trying to repair his credit. We will be married this fall. In the next 2 or 3 years we would like to buy a house. He has filed chapter 13 and 10. He was paying on them in the past and stopped. He wants to repair his credit so we will both have good scores to purchase a new house.
    Where do we start? what do we need to do? About how long will it take?

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    Unfortunately with a bankruptcy on his credit report, there is NOTHING that he or you will be able to do for 7 years after that happened. The best case is to use only your income/credit to get the house. The way the lending market will be for the next 5-10 years, he will get rejected for any mortgage when they see the bankruptcy red flag on his report.

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    Rest assured that her time to suffer and writhe will come. The cycle will continue, and a cheater will eventually upgrade to a newer model. Be glad you didn’t have any children, and it’s only financial losses.

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    I’m so sorry to hear you had to go through that… The best you can do is focus on you and now your single life… do everything you think you would enjoy and take your mind off of him.

    He’s not worth your time for any reason.

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    I know you feel awful now but it will pass. You need to realize being bitter and devoting to much time to thinking about the bastard will get you nothing but depressed. Think of ways that to improve yourself and make you feel better. That way when a good man comes your way you will be ready and in the right frame of mind. Life is short dont waste time dwelling on someone who doesn’t deserve you.

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    This is going to be tough to try to do, but you have to stop living for the answers you won’t get. He’s not going to answer them for you, and you probably wouldn’t like the answers if he did.

    You should stop wondering about your ex’s relationship, and his feelings, and his situation, and get on living your own. Work on developing your resilience, and work to simply understand that these things happen, people get hurt, and that the most important thing is to move on and take this as a very bad lesson learned.

    What do you move on to when there’s nothing there to move to? This is a “blank slate” time of your life – its actually an opportunity to create things for yourself that you didn’t when you were busy either with that sorry excuse for a man, and busy with the things that tied you down, so my recommendation is you treat it as such – its not as bad as you think!

    Good luck to you!

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    Can’t you sue him for breach of contract or something? He did walk on the mortgage which caused your finical ruin. I wouldn’t let him walk away from this clean. Fuck that. Get your money.

    And as for the girl, who cares? Your relationship with that piece of shit is over. Don’t worry about her or him. I understand that you’re hurt, you put a lot of your life into that. But it’s over now and it’s time to move on to better things.

    Karma always gets people in the end.

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    if you need a guy hit me up

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    Any relationship built on someone else’s misery will not last, because any fair god won’t allow it. One day he’ll regret it, but by then you will have moved on. Usually men are willing to give it all up for the new woman. The best thing to do is to cut all ties even if it means cutting ties with all mutual friends you both had. the less you know about them the better. Its like a stab in the heart every time you hear about them. Of course he doesn’t care, because he isn’t the one hurt.

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    be glad that he stepped out now. think of it like this, he lost everything that you did so if he can move on then so can you.. get yourself all prettied up and go out and have some fun. you’ve been in a serious relationship since you were 20! its hard to start over but at least try to enjoy your time doing it. know that you wont get into something as serious as buying property with someone unless your married and they have all their playing games out of their system. hes missing out.. trust me he is. hes probably one of those men that will get everything that he has coming… you just be the bigger person and wish him well… time will heal all of those wounds and your going to get a new guy that’s hotter, with a better job, and will make your ex look like the true loser that he is….. just you wait.

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