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    Applied for a pre approval for a FHA home loan with Wells Fargo and was submitted to Manual underwriting 11 days ago!!! What is taking so long? Is this typical with Wells Fargo? I feel like Im on pins and needles. *I gave them all the piles of paper work and supporting documents that they requested *and still nothing yet. Not even a request for additional documentation etc. *Called the LO from Wells 2 days ago and he said he had not heard anything from the underwriter yet. *Seems like everything has been moving in slow motion since we originally applied April 13th. *Took my LO 2 weeks to do the auto underwrite which we couldnt get an approval through bc of disputes. Now we are in limbo again waiting for a decision from manual underwriting. Has anyone else had this same experience with wait times with Wells Fargo? I need to know if I should get a better LO or switch banks.

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