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    I have been lurking on the forum for about the last month and am about to get serious about paying off some negative accounts, offering PFD’s, or writing some GW letters–basically trying to improve my credit scores, but I have some questions. *If these have been answered in other threads, please refer me to those.

    • AAoA- *how is this calculated? *Is it just open accounts, or is it calculated on all accounts being reported whether they are open, closed, charged off, or in collections? *Of the accounts on my current credit credit report, the oldest accounts under revolving accounts are from 2006, but these are all negative/charged off accounts. *Of those under installment accounts the only negative ones (Centerpoint, a gas utility, and TXU-an electricity provider) were opened in 2004. *The rest of them are all positive. *There are multiple accounts from finance companies that were refinanced many times, but none were ever late and I paid them all off back in October. *The other one is the car loan that I just took out in November. *Under collections I have numerous medical accounts which I intend to try to get the hospital to agree to a settlement and then PFD, or will PIF. *If the PFD does not work, I will just try GW’ing them later or using the HIPAA process after I have tried PFD or GW. *Of the hospital accounts, the oldest one was opened in 2005. *What would be my best course of action, to try to get these accounts deleted through a PFD or GW, or would it be best just to PIF or through a settlement and not to try and get them deleted–just let them fall off after 7-7.5 years from the DOFD. *Will it help the AAoA to just leave them on my credit report, even if they are being reported as negative items?
    • I am in Texas, and from what I have found out, the SOL is 4 years for everything. *What is the starting point for counting the 4 years? *Is it the DOFD, or is it something else?
    • I opened a secured credit card with Capital One in July and have paid the balance off every month. *I have tried to let it show a balance of no more than $50 each month when it reports. *The credit limit is $601, but I would like to send in another deposit to make the credit limit $1000. *Do you think that would help raise my scores, and should I try to get another secured credit card? *Would that help?
    • Recently I paid a settlement for T-Mobile that the CA Afni had. *They were offering a $50 settlement for a balance of $638. *I tried to get them to do a PFD, but they refused saying that they don’t do that. *It is now reporting on my credit report as a paid collection but in the remarks it says settled for less than the full balance. *Should I try a GW to see if they will delete, or should I try a GW to try and get them to take off the settled for less than the full balance, and just report it paid? *
    • I also have an AT&T account with a balance of $942 that is with Asset Acceptance that was opened in 2007 in which they offered a settlement of $99. *I tried to get them to agree to a PFD, but they wouldn’t, saying that it is illegal. *Since the offer was going to expire in a few days I just paid the $99 and they agreed to report it as paid and would not indicate that it was settled, but I didn’t get that in writing, just verbal, so will see how it is reported when it hits my credit report. **
    • When you calculate your utilization, *what accounts are factored into this? * Is it just credit cards, or does it involve installment and collection accounts also? *Is it just open accounts, or are closed, charged off, and collection accounts factored in also? *

    Sorry for all the questions and the long post, but I would appreciate any advice that anyone could give me. *Thanks.

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