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    I have 2 old credit cards on my account that have been closed, but show in good standing.* One is from 1997 with Mervyns and the other is from 1998 from Best Buy.* I got the Mervyns card from some work pants, paid the balance, and never touched it again.* It has been closed, and I don’t think there are any Mervyns left.* I got the Best Buy card back in 1999 when I worked there.* I actually never paid the balance on this card, but it always shows under my positive accounts.* Would it be wise to have these removed?* MyFICO does not consider these accounts on my credit age and I am not sure if they are actuall helping or hurting me since they are closed accounts.* The details of the accounts are below. (they are only reported on my Experian report and Experian is my highest score).


    MervynsExperianDate OpenedMay-98Account Number#######Account StatusAccount/paid satisfactoryOwnershipindividualmonthly Payment*Balance Amount*Balance Date10/23/2008High Balance$40.00CommentClosed****Best BuyExperianDate OpenedSep-99Account Number#######Account StatusCredit line closed/reason unknown or by consumer request/there may be balance dueOwnershipIndividualmonthly Payment*Balance Amount0Balance Date9/30/2002High Balance1195CommentClosed – Account Closed at Credit Grantor’s Request

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