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    I have an acct with COMCAST that has been placed with Eastern Acct System back in 10/11 for $476 for a closed acct. I knew I owed them an amt of $260.07 as told to me by their CSR when I closed my acct in person at their lobby, however, she stated a final bill would be mailed and of course, never received one but I still knew that I owed some amt not $476. Now I am ready and trying to clear up this acct since it is still not resolved and I’m so ready to move on ASAP. So my question is do I PIF Comcast directly which I can or call Eastern Acct Syst to PIF and negotiate a PFD or dispute with DV? Not sure which direction to tackle this but I just want to resolve it as quickly as possible as I am going to try and apply for a mortgage very soon. Any help or input is appreciated!

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