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    LHR is playing hardball and after 2 weeks of going back and forth the best they can do for me is a PFD for 37% of the total. The debt is like $1467 and they countered with 37% or $542+ in exchange for paid in full and deletion of a tradelines. They also told me to act quick because as the debt gets older they will just resell it to another JDB and I would have to deal with another company.
    Now I know what you are all thinking…This is a great deal as many companies are even harder to deal with but at the same token the debt is 5.5 years old that is going to fall off around 2/2014 from CA and OC so it will be gone. I’m in garden mode and not apping for anything else and I really don’t have $542 to pay and even if I did I would keep it for other CAs that are within SOL and will fall off in 2015-2016. I offered them 20% at roughly $245 as a PFD. Told them to contact me if they want it.
    However the compliance lady that I’ve dealt with has been very nice and professional and always kept back with me via email and although stuck to her guns till the last minute, has been one of the best I’ve dealt with.

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