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      I just got my TransUnion & Equifax FICO scores and was surprised at the difference!* TU 606 and EQ 688.* TU just reports my mortgages in BK ch13 (2005) and 0 balance.* EQ reports mortgages correcly with the payments made on time from 2005 to present and the correct balances.* (ch13 – discharged 2008)


      Is this the fault of mortgage holder or TU?* Do you think it would help*to contact someone?* Also, TU even has a recent “late” in past 2 months on an account but I can’t figure out what on.* Believe me, I have not been late on anything since 2005!* TU reports no car payments either….


      I’m just aggrevated that the 2 reports are so different….

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