How much will my credit score improve after having a judgement vacated?

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    My hubby had a $557.00 judgement on his reports from an old credit card. We managed to make a deal with the judgement creditor to have it vacated, due to improper service. We paid them in full via cashier’s check and received the paperwork today, signed by the judge, that the judgement is vacated. I’m going to be faxing it in tomorrow to the bureaus, but I’m just wondering how much this will raise his score.

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    It depends on what else is on his report – if there are other negative items, then it won’t help much. If his credit report is otherwise very good, it should help quite a bit. But everyone’s report and score is different since items are weighted by the presence of other items.

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    Not by a lot! Only thing that will make your husband credit score rise, is to establish new credit. And make payments on time.

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    If you want to do it right, you will need to execute a deed of trust to your Father outlining the loan amount, interest rate, the number of years for the loan, and the amount in dollars or as a percent for the late fees. Your Father then will want to record it with the county recorders office in order to protect his interest.

    The link that I provided should have the paperwork that you will need to do it on your own.

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