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    …through a bank? I bought my house by financing through the owner (Owner financing) because my credit was not great. I have never had anything repossesed or any major credit problems. Yet my credit is not all that great. I am wondering if it has to do with not financing my house through a mortgage company.

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    Chances are that private lenders do not report your loan and payment history to the credit bureaus.

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    Yes, follow your beliefs and refuse to support the companies that violate them.

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    Right, a boycott of one. That’ll shake them up!

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    Its the American way.

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    It is absolutely appropriate to boycott companies on those grounds. You have to ask yourself how many of those company’s do you use products from and are you willing to do without those products. And by the way, protesting anything Rush Limbaugh has anything to do with is an excellent idea. Even a right-wing,conservative town like Sacramento couldn’t handle Rush and had to get rid of him. Other than pure comedic value, and, boy is he funny, he has no redeeming qualities. Boycott away, I say!!

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    common sense says shop at the home depot but your heart says shop at ace hardware so no on the boy cot.

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    Yes it is.

    I’ve boycotted a lot of sponsors and businesses that are following the politically correct immoral bunch that we have to fight every day.

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    My answer is yes and no. In 2000, Dr. Laura Schlessinger started a daytime talk show. But within six or seven months it was shut down by homosexual rights advocates who didn’t like the fact the someone with such a decidedly anti-homosexual agenda was being allowed to have a TV show. Ergo, enough companies and corporations were persuaded not to buy advertising time on the show. In that sense the boycott was successful. Later some of her radio advertisers pulled out, and her show was completely banned in Canada by the CBC.

    The only drawback to a boycott is when people start asking questions about what’s so horrible about this TV or radio show that it needs to be banned, and therefore they become more interested in it.

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