How do I repair my credit from a Bankruptcy,that happened over 10 years ago…

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    …with out paying leagal fees? I filed Bankruptcy over 10 years ago. I’m still having a hard time getting credit. I get denied when I apply. It still has it on my credit report that I filed BAnkruptcy.

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    First you need to be sure the date of commencment is correct on all three bureaus.Dispute the validity of the bk on your credit to all three bureaus.

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    Does the credit report have a date on the bankruptcy? It might be the date the bankruptcy closes rather than when you first filed.

    You probably need to start with a secured credit card to help build your credit up.

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    no it does not

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    I am a mortgage banker and broker. The short answer has been stated several times….”no.” It sounds like you are working with a broker. If the bank the broker is working with came up with this requirement, why didn’t the broker simply find another bank to do the deal. Something here doesn’t add up. If you still need help in this regard, please contact me at

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    I believe that’s called sesining..
    Some lenders are idiots and stupid.
    So they say “Well gee, we’re so stupid that we won’t loan you money to buy any property if the current owner hasn’t owned it for six months”

    It all happened when so many media deadheads got ahold of the flipping term and dragged it through the mud.

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