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    It really depends on what kind of lending institution you are working for. If you are a marketing and originating loan officer you need to be agressive enough to get people to want to go to you but honest enough and concerned enough about people to not let them get into debt they cant afford. I have been in the industry for 5 years and we do much more analysis than most banks. You will learn more from experience than any book will teach you. A good financial back ground as well as economic background will help though.

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    How to best serve your client.

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    A. Market and network like crazy. If you don’t, you have no deals. No deals=no income.

    B. Put your clients before your commissions. Honor your word. Don’t jack their rates or costs up at the last minute to make extra money. If you do, they never come back. Treat them well, and one deal can turn into 10. How many would you like to do for them?

    C. Learn and study every product and program out there. Don’t just be a one-trick pony with only a couple products you understand enough to sell.

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    I am confused……

    I am currently a member of Truecredit.com, Equifax.com, and myfico.com as I am testing all 3 products to see which is the best product for me.


    I understand about Vantage scoring with TU.

    What I don’t understand is….


    Equifax.com and Myfico.com scores are not even close.

    I pulled 3-CB report from Equifax and it showed my scores for all 3: EQ 721, TU 747, EX 757

    However, when I pulled myfico.com score for TU/EQ…it showed they are in the very low 700s (TU, EQ)*


    Can someone make me understand?

    I thought you can get fico score from Equifax too??? If you can’t get fico score from equifax.com…than how does Equifax scoring works compared to myfico?


    Thanks in advance….hope I explained it clearly.

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