EQ and Santander… I’m going INSANE!!

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    I had a load from Roadloans now Santander that was included in my Ch 13 in 5-2007. *Santander reported the accounts CHARGED OFF in 11-2007 and reported the account 90+ Days Late for the past 30 Months all the way up to Nov. when I paid the account off (the car was taken in 2-2010!!
    Not only are they reporting late payments during a bk they then continued to report bad information until I paid last month.
    So the problem, I clearly have the letter FROM Santander that this account is considered Settled in Full but they won’t update that it is not charged off and that their were no lates. *I have provided EQ the letter from santander and this lady I am speaking to now says we have the letter but we need to verify it with Santander and Santander keeps responding that the Charge off and 30 90+ days late is correct.
    I thought the whole point of letters from the companies showing the information is incorrect then gets me the update to correct information!!! EQ says no… I’m like how do I get it fixed then, you are sending a letter from them to them and they are disputing their own letter basically and they are winning over me!!!! **bleep**

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