Does anybody know how this would work?

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    In 2009 I only worked for the month of January. However, I have a bunch of medical and dental bills, I sold my house (hud statement), plus I have a long distance move and storage fees, Goodwill donations, which I can claim on my taxes. (itemized) However, my question is, since I only worked the month of January, can I only count the things that happened in that month? Or, can I add up everything that happened in 2009? (FEB-DEC) Since I was not working for those months I was not sure if I can count them or not. My sister thinks I should count everything in 2009 eventhough I only worked for 1 month. So, which is it? Do I only add up what happened in January while I was working? Or do I add up everything for 2009? (including the months I didn’t work) I had to close out my annuity for the money to move and I took out 30% in taxes to the irs. Thinking I would be working and didn’t want to owe them money. So, now that I didn’t work, I am hoping with all my itemized deductions I will get some money back! What do you think?

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