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    In January I made a payment for both January and February. I just got a letter stating that I am in default and that they have my February payment in Suspension. I asked them why when I payed the amount that was quoted to me that I owed. They said they were suspending this transaction and that I owed for Hazard Insurance, $ 500 more. When I originally remorgaged my house the insurance was figured into the payment. This company somehow aquired my Morgage raised the fixed rate and my payment and now I have to have more than one insurance? I don’t have the cash, and the agent that I could barley understand, because there english is minimal said they would start Forclosing if they did not recieve this next week. I don’t understand how this is possible.
    I have talked with several of their agents they all are hard to understand.

    The Company is called OCWEN, and it looks like to me millions of other on the Internet are having the same problems with them that I am.

    I understand the paperwork just fine and don’t need an interpreter. If you read carefully I started with one company and was sold to this OCWEN thay seem to have diffrent rules.

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