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    I received my conditional approval today. I*have two*conditions. A current printout of my bank accounts and the appraiser needs to fix one thing.
    My LO nailed the preapproval. We spent a ton of time getting everything in order, I started working with him in Sept informally, and then finally applied in Feb… I already had the letters of explanation, all the dispute remarks removed prior, and got my scores where they needed to be
    Put in my offer in late March, went to underwriting last monday and got the conditional approval today…* I won’t be jumping for joy until I am in the home, but I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders..
    It looks like I might be able to close as early as May 23rd, but obviously they need to review the condiitions first ect ect..
    How long in your experience did it take to finally close after getting the conditional approval?

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