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      Greetings.* I’m new here, and I’m looking for some advice on what action to take on a few bad items on my credit report.
      The first I’m trying to deal with is a Chase Visa that was charged off as a bad debt and trasferred in June 2010 with a balance under $10,000.* I eventually settled with the debt collector.* Ideally, I’d like to get the delinquency and charge off removed as a goodwill adjustment (the account had never been delinquent prior to the delinquency), but absent that, I’d like to get the whole trade line deleted from my report.
      I’ve sent a letter to the address on my credit report, and tonight I sent an e-mail to the executive office, both requesting a goodwill adjustment.* A few searches of the forum indicate that a lot of people on here have had success getting goodwill adjustments from Chase.* I’d appreciate any advice or insight.

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