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    My Bank account with chase and a credit union have been charged off. The chase account has been charged off around -$ 877 and placed with a collection agency (IC System) and the credit union one at -244.70. Now currently I have no bank checking account, no source of income, and have around $ 7,000 worth of debt with Cap One suing me for $ 1585 and the orginal balance was $ 500 I’m trying to settle for $ 1000 and I guess since the other debt are not at court point yet I will need and figure somehting out! Currently seeking employment. The only thing I have is a about $ 1,338 from a gift trust.

    Now to my original question…The first thing I would need to even cash in my gift trust or be abot to set up payment plans is a damn ban account! Ther credit union has told me that if I pay the $ 244.70 I can do that but its really not in my bets interest to do that as I alreday may hev to be $ 100 0 for the Cap One (plus trying to figure out what to do with rest of debt) I would like to take care of it all..dont know what to do. I’m only 22 and dont wnat this to effect my credit history.

    Can I even go and open an accoutn with my gift trust at another bank? Is there any way to get the credit union debt forgiven or reduced and the chase as well. Please HELPPPPP thanks

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